Getting our heads around it ...

We have been parents for 7 weeks now and it feels like months, no years. Time flies like never before, actually it feels more like time has taken on another meaning entirely. It has become even more precious - of course I am talking about the time we spend with her while she is awake, but also the little time that is left in the day to hastily do the very top two things on a ever growing list. As always when one goes through a big change in life, people give you advice, warnings and share their experience with you. Here I have to say, everything anybody has told me is true - for at least a fraction of a second, precisely because becoming a parent is as complex and fluid as life itself.

Getting to know and looking after Harper has overridden everything. But what amazes me most is that even though the days are filled with essentially the same tasks - feeding, sleeping, changing nappies, bathing, going out - each day feels quite different and very eventful. It is amazing how much she has already learned and wonderful to see how she discovers the world.

Going out with her is like attending a summer garden party. People constantly come up to us to chat and smile at her. There is an entirely new world I've seen but not paid much attention to and obviously was not part of it until now - the parents. Now I see them everywhere and I have noticed that I have become invisible to other sections of our society like teenagers and young professionals. My world right now could not be further apart from theirs.

As adventures go, this one feels pretty big and challenging; but also enormously rewarding.


  1. i think i know what you mean...
    pretty big and challenging, but amazingly rewarding!
    and you are doing a brilliant job!

  2. Oh she is beautiful! I so hear you on how every day involves the same activities but is so different. It's very true...when friends ask 'what have you been up to?' I kinda don't know how to answer. Nothing. Everything. Somewhere in the middle.

    Much love.

  3. Yay, and wow, and yay again. So dying to know and see everything.

    Thank you for posting. Miss you terribly.

  4. wonderful to read and see how you are!! the baby looks beautiful!! hope you and leigh are well!! love and warm wishes!