Published photo story in The Big Issue - This is how it looked like.

This is how the story looked like as an article in The Big Issue June 22-28.


My story on the effects of Proposition 8 - “SEPARATE IS NOT EQUAL”: SAME-SEX COUPLES ON PROPOSITION 8 (see earlier entry) is being published in this week BIG ISSUE magazine.

This is a story I and many of my friends have been following over the last year as it unfolded and we were stunned by the outcome - not only in November '08 when the Proposition 8 passed, but also this year in May, by the California Supreme Court's decision.

I strongly believe in equal rights and I am very pleased that this story got published. To me the question if adult couples who want to commit to each other should have the right to marry and gain equal rights though that process, is an absolute no-brainer. Even more so now, having met all these loving couples, their children and community.

But please read more about the story in the article itself in The Big Issue June 22-28.

Check it out if you can!


FOTO 8 Summer show entry

This image has been selected to go in the Foto 8 summer show - the exhibition is starting Friday 24th July at HOST Gallery, London.

Yeah, it is quite exciting.

AOP Open 2009

this images has been selected for the exhibition and catalog of the Association of Photographers Open Competition 2009. yeah!