Portrait of Riz Ahmed & Danny Mays

Riz Ahmed (Britz, Dead Set), musician 'Riz MC' and lead actor in Shifty.

Daniel Mays (The Bank Job, Plus One), also lead actor in Shifty.

Shifty is a film really worthwhile seeing, written and directed by Eran Creevy here you can see a the Shifty - Trailer.

Portrait of Zoe Stewart, film producer, March 09, East London

I photographed Zoe for the Film & Festivals Magazine

I made the mistake to get my negs processed by Snappy Snaps in Streatham - it was Saturday - I needed to have it done - never ever will I do this again. They royally screwed the negs up - fingerprints, scratches and some weird coating that looks like petrol spilling on a wet street.
I think a one-cell organism coudl have done a better job.

I saved what was to safe - a shame because it was a really nice and lovely shoot with Zoe.

Snappy Snaps in Streatham is on my dark red list!

Paige and Leigh

This shot was taken at the end of a beautiful valley just north of San Francisco. Paige who lives relatively close brought us there. It was a great little walk down to the sea and up the hill where they, Paige and Leigh, looked out onto San Francisco standing on a weird bunker with amazing wall paintings inside. On our way back to the car we even encountered some turkeys. Such funny creatures.

Portrait of Carol in Brazil

I am a bit on a portrait mission right now. I personally am intrigued by portraits. What is a good portrait? Why?

Again there are many different statements that can be made. For a long time I was adamant that its main message should be about the subject photographed but now I think this idea is far too narrow. There is so much more to it and my aim is to explore it. So it is good that my next two projects are portrait based.