On The Brink. Curitiba. Brazil 08

This was an amazing place we went to with Carol while we were in Brazil. The sun was shining, we swam & jumped from the rocks - not from the highest. Then the rain came, everyone left but him standing at the top still trying to sum up the courage to jump.

Family at the harbor in Manaus

This was one of the golden moments in Brazil for me. We were in a group of people just came from the meeting of the waters on the amazon - had to hurry to catch the plane and i was in one of the most interesting places in Manaus and all I wanted to do is linger and take some photos of the people waiting for their boats. When I saw this family and took the shot I was so excited and could not wait to see the result. But the film get cooked - literally - by the machine. So it took me a while to play around. And here it is, still one of the best photographic moment I had in Brazil.