Photo Booth Improv

I was about to shoot a wedding in Switzerland and the bride and groom wanted to have a photo booth for guests to take their own pictures. It was, however, not possible to hire lights and bringing them from London was out of the question. So we scrapped this plan, until I had the idea of a slimmed-down version of a photo booth. I planned to use my flash and to reduce the actual booth area. In order for people to be able to do it themselves I had to give them an idea where the light area is going to be - and that is how the picture frame came in.

My father, Peter Leisinger ( in photo above), built me a magnificent golden cardboard frame with which I traveled though Switzerland on the train. If you ever want to have a fun journey take a big golden frame with you. You will be amazed how many reactions you get.

The framed, slimmed-down version of a photo booth, was a great success. Here some of the shots: