We have been adopted by a cat. One day he strolled into our living room walked right through it, meowed, and settled somewhere on the floor. We were conquered, overthrown. Now he spends most of his time either in our house or in our garden, demanding attention, food and entertainment and a bit like a teenager he goes in and out.

We call him Mr Cabbit - a amalgam of cat & rabbit - rabbit because in his sleep he tends to have his legs up in the air - looking a bit like an upside down turned rabbit in a mid-air-jump.

We have spoken to his rightful owners and they did not seem to be worried or upset. He is in for quite of a shock in about a month time when our real teenager-to-be, admittedly in many years but nevertheless - will arrive.

But it is quite amazing how some things just suddenly move into our lives.


  1. if it's a choice between Cabbit and the new arrival, i vote for the one who uses the least amount of nappies and doesn't need expensive schooling. xoxox

  2. I like the cabbit. Cats are funny creatures. We are ready for ours to adopt another family because he is too grumpy. And we wonder why we are giving this creature food, shelter and love when he clearly does not return the favor.

    I can't wait to meet both your new teenager and the pretend one. xoxo

  3. those pictures are amazing. he can surely tell you make good parents and him a good model. what will he say when the new kid on the block arrives though? xxxx