Back with the end of summer

I am back in London and ready to slowly put photos and film snippets up on my blog to show you what I have been up to.

I will start with one of the last things I have done, which is a portrait of Warren Fitzgerald, writer and musician living here in London. He needed a photograph for the back of his latest book "THE GO-AWAY BIRD"published by Blue Door (HarperCollins) in May 2010. We had two sessions.

The first one with natural light and on film.

On the second session we wanted to create something darker, moody with lights. Here some of the photos we got out of it.

It was great fun playing around with the lights and then later experimenting in photoshop.

And because I love environmental portraits we also went to a location I have had in mind for a while.

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  1. hey hey! we seem to be both uploading pictures of intimidating looking men! My favourite is the second one down : )