Portrait of Zoe Stewart, film producer, March 09, East London

I photographed Zoe for the Film & Festivals Magazine

I made the mistake to get my negs processed by Snappy Snaps in Streatham - it was Saturday - I needed to have it done - never ever will I do this again. They royally screwed the negs up - fingerprints, scratches and some weird coating that looks like petrol spilling on a wet street.
I think a one-cell organism coudl have done a better job.

I saved what was to safe - a shame because it was a really nice and lovely shoot with Zoe.

Snappy Snaps in Streatham is on my dark red list!

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  1. Dude, I feel your pain...remember my last nightmare with Snappy Snaps! I think we should try get them closed down!

    Just back in London, will call you tomorrow! T x

    PS...even though they screwed your negs, I like the portraits!