Steady, Ready, Go!

Train station in Queens, NY

I have been on a trip to the US where I shoot unbelievably much and all on film. The drawback of film is the time it takes to digitize it. And even tough I have tried various labs offering that time consuming & sooo boring part of scanning, I have not found one yet that I think is actually really good. Above image was scanned by a lab and I will have to definitively rescan it. And so I had to come home to scan hence my long pause.

Ground Zero building work & reflections

We went to NY to visit some friends and family, then to Petaluma California for the wedding of our friends Paige & Arann, which was amazing. Then stayed in San Francisco for a couple of days. I started my project on the effects of Proposition 8, the initiative outlawing same-sex marriages last year in California (the whole story with photos and interviews will be up here soon).
American clean-up truck

This project brought us from Pescadero to Fresno and then to LA. Part of that journey we spent on a Greyhound bus - forget all old American movies which make these busses look so romantic - there was none of that in our bus. But still I thought again how much more interesting it is to travel with a project in mind.

LA was interesting and amazing in that I met a lot of new people but also reconnected to some of my friends form the MAPJD, yeah yeah Hubert and Kevin!

The last leg of our journey was Nashville where we meet up with family and enjoyed a relaxing few days

All along the way I shot my project but also just for fun. Much of which will be shown here soon. get ready!


  1. love the new photos claudia. The top one of the train station rocks!

  2. I am ready! Bring it on.