Back to tidy up

I have returned from my trip to Switzerland and even though I can not wait to put my exciting plans and ideas for the future into reality, I need to tidy up just a little bit more. I have to finish off work I shoot a month ago, like this portrait of David Miliband.

a few portraits of my grave diggers and even some last frames from our Brazil trip. Then I shoot quite a bit of snowed under Switzerland - that will have to wait I think. I always wonder how other people manage to fit work, free time and all the bits in between like shopping for food or buying a new bicycle because the old one has been stolen, under the 24 hours umbrella? to stay with the bicycle shopping for example, takes hours from sitting at the police station, to filling in forms to making endless phone calls... I often get stressed at around mid time while doing things - like halfway through the shopping for food I get this vision of myself dropping the half filled basket and just leaving - does anyone have that too? I have never actually done it though.
But now I have reached halfway blogging and I will leave it here and come back later - good bye.


  1. Love this claudia...make sure you keep this neg safe...he may become prime minister one day!

  2. ...dropping the half filled basket- I did it many times! M