1. Photos of Brazil (december 08)

We have been back from our amazing trip to Brazil for what seems to be a lifetime but is exactly one month. We had an amazing time full of adventures, meeting new people and discovering places. I was so excited shooting street scenes and whatever I thought worth keeping a memory of.
I almost only photographed with my Rollei and once I came back I processed my films on an old crappy, mean spirited (as I found out during the day) machine that did quite a lot of damage - kept the film in the developer tank too long, made weird stripes on the negs... you name it - it is there.

That evening was a very unhappy one and I vowed to myself never ever to repeat that mistake again. Anyhow I have moved on and am excited to share a few first photos here.

Primary forest in the Amazon, 150 km northwest from Manaus.

On the road to the harbor (Amazon river) in Manaus, a guy was cooking his lunch on the side of the street.

Waterfalls and lakes in the countryside in Southern Brazil near Curtiba.

In a village along the Urubu river.


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