This is our first daughter Harper Lily, born on the 18th of Dec. So far it has been an amazing journey, a real adventure and we are only at the very beginning of it. What a great way to start a new year.

I wish you all an amazing New Year and lots of adventures.

Portrait of an Old Lady in Paris

Walking through Paris in October, I saw her sitting outside in one of the street cafes. She reminded me so much of my father's aunt, whom I liked a lot. Aunt Henna was flamboyant and so different from anybody I had met as a small child. She was very tiny, had bright red hair and when she talked her hands moved wildly around. Her house was full of mysterious things.

My New Favourite Place

One (admittedly there are only a few others) of the great things of waiting for the little girl to finally arrive, is the walks I take every day and one of my new discoveries is Wimbledon Common. It's an amazing place.

Arturo & the Amazing Flying Pigment

Here are some stills from the short film "Arturo and the Amazing Flying Pigment", which I shot over this summer.

The story is about a young boy and the sketch of a winged camel that comes to life. Leigh wrote the script and directed the film, my father Peter Leisinger built all the sets, the wooden masks and hands for the human characters and the puppet of the camel. My nephew Jan played the young boy Arturo.

I shot it on full HD on the Canon 5D Mark II, which was quite an adventure.

We are currently in post-production with the plan to complete it next spring. Watch this space!

Jen & Mike's Wedding

Jen & Mike's wedding was my last wedding of this year.

There is 100 years difference between the great-grandmother and Stanley.

Jo & Al's Wedding

Jo and Al's wedding was a lot of fun. Here some moments of their great day.