Paranoia Project- the results.

Thomas and I have finished our co-operative project on "Paranoia". The brief was to come up with scenes to illustrate some of the feelings described in the book "Paranoia: The 21st Century Fear" written by Dr Daniel Freeman.

Over the next posts you can view the photos we selected.

Many thanks to Ed.

Photos copyright Thomas Ball & Claudia Leisinger 2008

Paranoia - Feeling small

Paranoia_Why exactly does every moment need to be recorded onto CCTV? Who is watching and who will use the information for what purpose?

Paranoia_Are they talking about me?

Paranoia_No sleep

Paranoia _If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?

This is what I sing when I feel followed. I might as well go smiling.

Paranoia_Is there anybody out there?

Paranoia_A daily dose of fear anyone?

Paranoia _Playing with shadows is fun but it is harder then it looks

Paranoia - One project finished yeah!

This scene shows a man passing two women laughing in the street, feeling that they shared a joke on him.