My choice for now:

if it could hand in 11 - thsi woudl be my 11th.

Choosing images for a short edit - Would you like to join in?

Another photo award has made me look at most of the photos of my Bhutan project again and apart from reaffirming my strong wish to shoot another in depth story as soon as I can, I have also found some new images and some new combinations I quite like. Now I have been looking at them for quite some time and before I go for a run to air my head, I wondered if you could give me your opinion.

keep or kick? 6 to 10 images are allowed - I hope you are ruthless.

first one is the opener, then 3 rows of 3 and then the maybes.


Sleeping stray dogs early in the morning in Thimphu, 2007

Definitively either or? or none?

No_ 2

no 3 (maybe some help with choosing)

no 4 - the maybe's (maybe some help with choosing)