Peter Leisinger 2008, the new book of his sculptures

It was great and inspiring - as always - to work with my parents, Peter and Maria, on this book. I love my fathers creations that so directly come out of my parents life, sketches on paper and chainsawed in wood, raw and true - but then again I am certainly not unbiased.

Here are a few pages:

On the way from Italy to Switzerland, we stopped of at Sils, where Peter had an exhibition, so I could take some photos of new sculptures for the book. On the way there we saw these three guys enjoying their lunch break.

I enjoy working with other people on creative projects, exchanging thoughts and ideas, driving each other on to try better, witnessing someone else work ethic, these are all elements I really like but what I like the best is the lightness of it - working never seems to be that playful on my own as it is with someone else.

Apart from photographing the sculptures and paintings - or as in the case above both in one- I enjoyed doing the layout for the book, going to print with it and playing with the colours for so long until they were right.

If you want to see more of Peters work do so on

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  1. Dear Claudia, I admire your photos and I feel deeply honoured to be mentioned and portrayed in your blog.
    I also smile when I read the very personal comments you make, kind of "Meta" communication ( communication about the way you communicate), e.g.: "I cant resist to take pictures of abandoned cars and rusty signboards": How well I know this. It's good to meet such remarks in the work of others, it makes me self- confident.

    There is another ingedient, of course: the memories I share with Maria, Leigh and you, the few days we spent in Emiglia Romagna together. I look at a hand showing the millions of seeds of that reed- grass ( I don't know the exact name of what we call Rohrkolben or "Gun cleaner" in german...) I see the seed escaping with a smooth evening wind and I also see the quiet, relaxed athmosphere of a warm evening in autumn: Like the dark spotted horse, the "Dream-horse of our childhood" it evokes so much. congratulation! Peter