Impressions on a walk through the Emilia Romagna - Italy 2008

I love the idea of visual memories on gravestones or inside chapels, of the people who once lived here - it makes them so much more real to me. I like visiting cemeteries anyway, but in Italy where many of the graves have a photographic memorial, it is that much more of a walk through history.

The horse of my childhood dreams.

I can not yet resist rusty signs nor abandoned vehicles.

I had my negs scanned in in Switzerland just to try out a professional service. So far, I have always been scanning all my negs myself, but it is such a time consuming and utterly boring process and I hoped for a pleasant surprise and the end of my scanning. The quality in general was really bad, though it added an interesting canvas kind of look to some of them - like the landscape at dawn above or the Madonna in the cave below.

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  1. Super! Bin stolz auf dich!