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Exhibition PHOTO 08 in Zuerich 27-30.12.08

This year in December my Grave Digger story will be part of PHOTO 08, an exhibition showcasing current Swiss photographers. The exhibition takes place in the Maag EventHall, Hardstrasse 219, 8005 Z├╝rich from the 27th-30th of December.

For more info go to this website

The photos will be exhibited on white blocks, 4m long and 1 meter wide, the prints displayed like on a table.

My photos will be mounted on aluminum and here is my layout:

There will also be a portfolio of my work.
Unfortunately I won't be able to be there -I will be in Brazil (juhui) however I plan to go the Switzerland in the beginning of February 2009.

Burned Bridges - Iraq Refugee Crisis

This is a report on the current Iraqi refugee crisis and the treatment of asylum seekers in the UK which Leigh (text) and I (photographs) have contributed to The Big Issue. This Iraqi refugee situation is something that we believe needs urgent attention.

Please find the full text at:

At the end of the article there are some websites and organizations to check out if you are would like more information.

I hope to be able to photograph and record more individual refugee stories soon.

Autumn Nights

It is cleaning up time, I am planning 2009 and tiding up loose ends. Hence I spend a lot of time indoors researching and thinking but every now and then I just have to get out and photograph to stay sane. Sometimes I don't get very far - these are photos taken on my street on a really cold autumns night - but I like them.

Halloween and a fun night out shooting

I find it so exciting to just go out and shoot, it does make me feel alive and an injection of that feeling every now and then, is vital to keep me going for the bigger picture. Many thanks to Mario for walking through half of London and sharing this adventure with me.

View on my way home

Peter Leisinger 2008, the new book of his sculptures

It was great and inspiring - as always - to work with my parents, Peter and Maria, on this book. I love my fathers creations that so directly come out of my parents life, sketches on paper and chainsawed in wood, raw and true - but then again I am certainly not unbiased.

Here are a few pages:

On the way from Italy to Switzerland, we stopped of at Sils, where Peter had an exhibition, so I could take some photos of new sculptures for the book. On the way there we saw these three guys enjoying their lunch break.

I enjoy working with other people on creative projects, exchanging thoughts and ideas, driving each other on to try better, witnessing someone else work ethic, these are all elements I really like but what I like the best is the lightness of it - working never seems to be that playful on my own as it is with someone else.

Apart from photographing the sculptures and paintings - or as in the case above both in one- I enjoyed doing the layout for the book, going to print with it and playing with the colours for so long until they were right.

If you want to see more of Peters work do so on

Italy 2008 - more walking


Peter Leisinger drawing.
More of his work in my next entry on his book 2008.

Inside a church the donor's family name is inscribed in the bench.

Impressions on a walk through the Emilia Romagna - Italy 2008

I love the idea of visual memories on gravestones or inside chapels, of the people who once lived here - it makes them so much more real to me. I like visiting cemeteries anyway, but in Italy where many of the graves have a photographic memorial, it is that much more of a walk through history.

The horse of my childhood dreams.

I can not yet resist rusty signs nor abandoned vehicles.

I had my negs scanned in in Switzerland just to try out a professional service. So far, I have always been scanning all my negs myself, but it is such a time consuming and utterly boring process and I hoped for a pleasant surprise and the end of my scanning. The quality in general was really bad, though it added an interesting canvas kind of look to some of them - like the landscape at dawn above or the Madonna in the cave below.