When I see a tower block I always wonder who knows whom and how? Maybe the person living behind the third window on the second floor knows the inhabitants of the seventh window on the first floor really well – both have dogs or kids the same age, but they don’t get along with 2nd window 5th floor because of the noise his car makes in the morning …
In short I would like to draw a map of relationships between the residents of one of these tower blocks.
Plans and thoughts:_-I intend to photograph early mornings and in the evenings/night, leaving or returning times, that is when we are emotionally most involved with our families and homes._-Ideally I meet a family that agrees to participate. I would photograph them within their environment, get to know them, their friends within the estate and go from there.
Pieces of the story:_-Photographing the lives of the inhabitants of a flat, the time they share, like meals, after school time, going to bed, getting up…_-I want to position my camera on time-lapse setting on their TV and record their evening without being present. Recording the time they spend in their flats separated by a wall but within the same building._-Documenting the relationships between the inhabitants while they meet in the stairway, local shop, on site cafĂ©, at home, in meetings…
Format:_-35mm and 2 photos 5-4 large format of the estate at daytime and night time.

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