Elephant and Castle

New term - new brief. We shall study the Elephant and Castle community, which is in the middle of a regeneration program drawn up by Southwark council. For those who don’t know this area or haven’t actually had a chance to look beyond the roundabouts because they are so confusing, there are a number of very large council housing tower blocks (amongst other places), which are going to be knocked down and hence allow for a reshaping of this area. Plans can be viewed on http://www.elephantandcastle.org.uk/.
Not knowing much about this locale nor the community, a group of us LCC students set out to discover it on Friday 20th of April - last week. The Haygate Estate, one of the longest in Europe, looks very vast and anonymous from the outside. I wonder how it looks within these flats and am quite excited about this project and the prospect to get to know some of the people living in this community.

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