What a lucky day

Where shall I start? This Monday I decided to rearrange my plans to make them suit reality. The project I had planed for these 4 weeks just didn't really seem to get off the ground. It is not so much an access problem as the bureaucracy that threatened to suffocate my enthusiasm and because time is running out too, I decided to let it rest and concentrate on my Grave Digger project - and the essay of course.

So today I went back to my Grave Diggers in Brenchly Gardens to arrange interviews. When I got there they were just heading out to a funeral. It was the funeral of Michael Ayotunde Dosunmu, the 15-year old boy who was shot in Peckham in February.I lingered around, asked for permission to photograph and was lucky. After having spent the last week on the phone talking my mouth fuzzy - a simple nod of permission was all it took - that was great.

Wish you all the best


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