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Claudia Leisinger

(Nov 2012)

Isla, Oisin and Ness

Last week I visited my friend Ness and her two amazing children Isla and Oisin to take some photos. Unfortunately John was working otherwise the family would have been complete.

I had such a great time running around, being shown favourite treasures and most of all playing with the hose in the summer heat.

Portrait of Peter Leisinger 2010

This is my father in Salzburg where his latest exhibition took place. He creates sculptures out of wood with a chainsaw.

This exhibition was different in that he created this one long line/caravan made of many sculptures (horses, people ...) winding through the whole three story house (Berchtoldvillla).

Along this line or procession other sculptures stand and witness the caravan. There are cafe scenes, a woman hanging out the washing on the top of her house, birds hanging from the ceiling, people watching ....

The caravan travels up the stairs, through the rooms and once they even have to cross water until ...

... everything come to a halt at the border point.

Story of the Bee and the Poppy

This is a very simple story of a bee and the poppy flower in my garden and my fantastic new 50mm 1.4 lens. We will have to leave this garden behind very soon because we are moving and so I indulged in it while the sun is out.

Early morning walk

The other night Harper could not sleep and so I couldn't either. Some time around 4:30 I was done chasing the elusive. i got up and took Harper for a walk so she would finally fall asleep in her buggy. The sun was coming up and there was this mist in the air, the birds were singing like mad in our garden and it was just beautiful.

And then with Harper sound asleep we walked to Brockwell Park...

...and then she woke up and we went home for breakfast.


So here it is, finally ready, dvd's are burnt, trailer here for you to watch - and next week the first viewings in Salzburg. Let us know what you think.

Can't wait to announce a screening date here in London.


Help with choosing an exhibition poster

Taeglich neue Karawanen
(New Caravans Everyday)

My father has an exhibition in Salzburg opening on the 11th of June, where we will also show our short film "Arturo & The Amazing Flying Pigment"! yeah, can't wait to hear what people think of it.

But first we have to decide which of these shots shall be on the invitation and the poster for the exhibition. Your comments are very appreciated.

And let me know if you would like to come to the exhibition opening.

Homework for Jan

Jan on the sofa trying to escape from homework. Horrible dictations. I hated them too.